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    Ethnic Turks are one of the main ethnic groups live intermingled and two ethnic Kinh and Thai ethnic communities in the mountainous region northwest of Nghe An with a population of about 80,000 people living mainly in the districts Nghia Dan, Quy Hop Tan Ky and Taihe town.
    Background on the origin, ethnic Turks in Nghe An by the three components from the XV century to XVIII century, most of which originated from the districts of the Kinh lowland plains due to social circumstances immigrants to assimilate with the End and the Muong Thanh Hoa vao.Truoc from the August Revolution in 1945 also called Better, Xa, candy, Minor, based on the originating end of groups they carry the stigma people should not accept nhan.Sau August Revolution in 1945, is considered one of the Muong ethnic group. From October 12/1973 at the proposal and based on the customs, activities ... Clan Turkish State name officially recognized as a separate nation in the great family of the people of Vietnam. Turks have family in which Zhang was a large majority in their community, they followed the Le and Nguyen, they Pham ...
    The life of the ethnic Turks are mainly agricultural cultivation, rice cultivation and animal husbandry. Engine production is a typical "plowing complaints" (to Young) similar to the plowing of the ethnic Kinh pipefish. There are also investigating particle sticks to dig holes "to cap", "bulk" - This tool is a typical method of cultivation. In addition to livestock and agricultural production, the Turks are very good at hunting and fishing. From time immemorial they have collective forms of hunting with other types of trap, noose traps, traps ... can catch all the big animals like elephant, tiger, bull ... the end of the meeting is to divide the meat hunting hunting wild animals for all families in the village irrespective of rich and poor is straw. Not good at hunting wild game, the Turks are very good fishing on the lakes, rivers and streams. Fishing by fishing equipment characteristics is quite diverse as fishing, post, contact .. is considered traditional occupations. Especially all of the tools used in fishing to get their hands on their own to show the refinement of his craft knitting.
    Aboriginal people in the days before the competition floor and ground floor roof as the Kinh. The ethnic Turks flooring near the floor like a Muong.Nay largely home-style ground floor plains, but the layout of the house is the traditional Turkish ethnic minh.Dong no custom woven cotton fabric ... their clothes are often purchased or bartered with Thai and Kinh ethnic costumes so Turkey is not homogeneous, there is no identity rieng.Dan he wore the same Kinh women differ depending region, where Thai skirt, long skirt with a striped skirt foot rim (the Quy Hop Tan Ky and some localities in Nghia Dan and Taihe town as in the East Village, the village Prev ..) There where the skirt as the Kinh (the La-Lam Nghia Dan). Austrian women's garments Saturn 5 itself is usually brown or white similar to the dress of the Kinh.
    Unlike the Kinh, Muong, marriage in the ethnic Turkish minority is usually the internal marriage. Mode can nayco marriage as an expression of the highest sense of community strengthening in living conditions interspersed with many ethnic khac.Ngay previous bad practices, such as in-law, probably married now .. abolished. Currently, some groups of them in Nghia Dan, Quy Hop Tan Ky and is still the custom "roof bed" - a form that you want to learn love. Often when the sons and daughters dating age, the permission of her family, sons to the "roof bed" in the girl-who I choose to learn. In the night "sleeping roof," boys and girls are free to talk to each other in a healthy way. The practice of condemnation and punishment of acts of vulgar shady night "roof bed". After overnight "sleep forever" if the son and daughter agreed to marry the goals of the formal steps required to link up as someone (Mr. Pin) then are the regular visits and miles ask questions and wedding ...
    Marked by the tool many ethnic composition, the worship of Saturn. Almost in every village of the Turks are the temples of worship throughout the year and the tutelary deity of the village. There are 15 gods to the village church. Each job to worship a deity in the form of ritual religious rieng.Nhung people working - the monks-level position with high status in the community of fellow dong.Quan concept that all things have souls . When sick, people worship "her she chickened out" and force "within chickened" patients. Often the sessions offered, magicians used laughter to khan.Nguoi Turkey attaches great importance to the ceremony (for nails) New Year, new rice offering ceremony, the celebration of a new home ... with the ritual site in the trong.Hang holiday to the village to choose a healthy man to eat better off, light to the development chickened first knife to dig holes and also the seeds of the first investigation (known as just the same).
    Like many other people in the family of the peoples of Vietnam, ethnic Turks are the legends, folk tales bearing the stamp of his people has been handed down through generations in a way "after the bitter" (storytelling ) as the area impacted Chief Shoe, roots rock away, Cats and ... Most of the village there is a few people capable of "who is" a place cam.Trong their culture, the Turks are still in hold and many common folk songs, dancing people sexism unique characteristics such as papaya Indians Indians, Samuel Israel-evil evil, Thuom sing, sing tease, the last song, dance song .. mi stalls, dance hats ... Along with traditional instruments like flute, praise, the Turks also have their own ethnic musical instruments such as violins Turkey (near the bottom of the guitar like the Kinh) Especially not to mention guitar The tang-type forum made from a bamboo tube with two wires by stripping out of bamboo and sand on the surface tension is reduced for every pitch, used by using a small bamboo fabric a first tap for cool sounds . From this simple instrument, now a national Aboriginal artists in Quy Hop has improved a tube rig 8 is comprised of short-term supply level with using such type of zither ... in almost every family, clan of Aboriginal people in Nghe An are the orchestra of gongs are the generations keeping with the use of unique artists represented by the negative effects of tempo and lively dance performance describe activities in daily life .../.

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