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    Wedding customs of the Thai in Nghe An.

    Like many other ethnic groups, of up marriage of is very important to the Thai ethnic people. When she agreed, the boy said to his parents, uncles, cousins ​​prepare gifts to the bride to the ceremony.
    Mass lane miles:

    Usually, the boys sent 4 or 6 (even numbers) of women, including an unmarried girl, the rest is a complete family, children draw Due. To the girls, family guy having to buy gifts including cau betel, wine, green tea, cake. In conversation, if consent for boys to do in-law, the girl would be happy to receive gifts. Conversely, if not satisfied, then the girl will deny or seek to bring her daughter back gifts for family guy. In the case of the girl consented, the two families together to offer betel nut and wine together, talking of the fun and learn the circumstances of the parties.
    After the conversation, the boy offered to find good day, good month to visit the May ceremony.
    Months of service

    Ingredients ceremony conducted monthly visits of the boys usually six couples, including his connections and matchmakers. The first offerings include two-month visit to Coi betel nuts, 2 bottles of wine, 30 cakes. By the second month, depending on family conditions which components can be changed but not necessarily an even number (a double). The offerings of betel 4 Extensions, 4 bottles of wine and a cake 50. So on, each month the boy to the girl visited in January to conduct ceremonies wrong until the 4th month end.
    Now, if the boys want to apply for a small wedding, then take another 2 Coi betel and 2 bottles for the two parties through formal release and family get-law, law.
    Trays of Thai wedding in western Nghe An.
    Conducting engagement engagement, the boys have to prepare offerings include eight bottles of wine, a cake 100, a pig, two chicken. The girls also slaughtered a pig in response to food in worship and helped with the boys. The offerings were presented to the altar, he ties the bride ceremony ancestors would bless the couple. Then, the groom took his shirt and put on the altar to burn incense and the girls go into a devout ancestors bowed to his certification as the law of the family, the ancestors to ask for happiness and fortune. Completed the ritual, the girls started bride. Normally, Thai bride silver compression. When the ceremony was conducted bride is complete, both parties agree, the girls have meals and friendly hospitality in greeting message. Rice finished water, the boys put Coi betel, wine bottles displayed on trays to ask permission to take the girls to the bride on visits home. At the bride's brother arrived home, her future husband donated a gown of brocade and silk yarn 2 books to sending daughters hope the future will be the sure are resourceful. Also, brothers, gambling, the cousin brother also spent some money to celebrate the bride and the bride is actually considered the children in the house. As long as a month later, the boys have held monthly visit again. The purpose of the visit this month to a mutually agreed upon marriage. When walking, the boy carrying the bride and 20 silver compressed cake. Usually, Thai people in western Nghe An timing of marriage on February, 6, 11 and 12 lunar.
    By the time it is when the crop was harvested, food, food was available in the home.

    Wedding day, the girls have their bean meal, which is his relationship relative concentration of gambling, the brothers in order to assign them to pick strawberries. Ingredients usually dispatched from 20 to 24 people, including grandparents, new uncle and aunt young men and women. The boys go pick strawberries to bring a pig to loading chickened (hiec account) bride's parents. Also, carrying six chickens, three pigs to sacrifice. The number of chickens to be slaughtered son to the ceremony, unless carefully confined to a cage. Chicken is called "bitter old mess," it is indispensable during the wedding ceremony for both families. It is also used to celebrate the animals' cut gate "at the ceremony the bride and" type in "home boy. And while welcoming the bride, the boys are not allowed to forget this chicken. The pig boy to "loading chickened" and offered the girl ghost. In addition to the first pig and pork butt, home plate ceremony son has a silver bracelet called "Portland khanh compliment me" (Mother's arms). The ceremony is finished, he invited the bride and her parents invited people to sit on the plate of rice to the ceremony "tom Clause" (the same effect buds). While people eat, groom holding a ring worn on the hand at the wheel offering the mother and wife in the sense that employees who give thanks to the birth. After the ceremony, "tom clause", the girls invite the boys intimate dinner, fun to wish for the wedding couple hundred years of happiness. Rice finished the boy with horns to blow the betel, wine bottles displayed on the altar to ask for dowry (kha distention), the girl replied with the presentation ceremony the objects: 2-4 mattress lying, two blankets, 4 - 6 pillows, one a soft, one a desktop and a rattan chair.
    Complete procedures invitation groom alcohol, betel invite the bride's cousin, a brother of the bride procession permission.
    Thais often organized procession bride at night, around 1-2 am (considered good now as the traditional concept). The girls sent 12 people to oil, including the uncle, aunt and two friends of the bride (her parents are not off on her husband's daughter). When the couple arrived at the stairs, people make room for the foot washing ceremony (down information). Between the first steps to put a water bowl, the bowl has a silver bracelet, he washed the feet of each item for both spouses to the meaning wash dirt, not so lucky and blessed fortune to live together life, whole life, pure and strong as extract silver and gold ingots.
    Mother-daughter waiting at the door led into the chamber newly married couple.
    This time, he was celebrated dodder (pan gates being pint). Trays ceremony included a boiled chicken, 2 eggs, 1 deck and flung a wine jar.
    He offered complete connections, everyone wishes the couple hundred years of happiness and long life like age.
    Dodder ceremony finished, the boys prepare to mark the celebration. The offerings include two pigs (one human response relationship, a child caught chickened out to celebrate the bride) and three birds (a baby to use his or her impulsive chickened out if they married before, a child caught using chickened Mr. matchmakers, a human ancestor to the left).
    Then, the family and their son brought home the money, silver dresses to celebrate the bride (leaning po dream).
    Proceed to complete the ceremony, the boys have intimate dinner invitation and thank the bride's sister was off on her husband a hearty, happy. Along with voice chat tingling, happy hour Happy hour is golden gong. The women, the sisters took turns voiced over, raised his voice to congratulate the couple be together for life, happiness and prosperity.
    When the fun and celebrations mark the end, she was invited to choose a "genetic blindness" (cool hand) or a woman with many children suffering from the chamber nets, mats for the young couple.
    To day 3, the left to the bride to celebrate the present.
    The purpose of this ceremony is the ceremony for the bride, groom and grandparents act of thanksgiving to the ancestors and to report the girls as they officially became husband and wife.

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