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    Interesting night squid fishing in the sea in Cua Lo.

    One of the factors that make the attraction of the resort is the diversity of the types of services. Night service at sea squid Cua Lo is increasingly attracting visitors.

    With a small basket boat, 1.5 m in diameter, woven bamboo, spreads outside the pitch, which cost about 1.5 million. Reportedly, this is the product of indigenous people, can be used in 3 years. Such a boat can carry three to five people.

    On the boat, outside lighting batteries also have tennis to catch squid. Off, just turn on the light shed into the water, swam to see the light level, players can use to transfer the beam or drop-down hooks and pull up. A trip such as long hours, possibly overnight, but the crew just took the 150 thousand dollars. But question is how much ink is "fortune" of guests. Customers can burn grilled squid lights on the boat and enjoy. Moderate sentences are extremely fresh, maybe even eaten raw, dotted with chili sauce, fish sauce, rice wine closed with Nghi Loc.

    Squid fishing, enjoying the sea specialties just immense, both mysteries, but also friendly with interesting results do not. Currently in Cua Lo beach a few dozen people to the service and increasingly popular with visitors. However, the service just at the level of spontaneous and scattered, yet highly professional. If the investment, all the institutions will have greater appeal, higher efficiency.

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